The Why

Welcome Birth Services was born out of the desire to create a comprehensive, inclusive, community based birth service that can offer a continuity of care from pregnancy through birth. We know every family and pregnancy is unique, and that often standardised healthcare is unable to cater for this. The mission is to promote communities, online and in the local area, to ensure expectant parents receive cohesive care and support. Our core belief is that informed decision making during pregnancy and birth could change the face, and experience, of birthing for years to come.


About me

I’m Jesse and I’m a mother, doula, antenatal educator, and owner of Welcome Birth Services.

Since becoming a parent I’ve been fascinated by the lifechanging acts of pregnancy and childbirth and am passionate about improving these periods of time for as many parents as I can.

When choosing a Doula, it is especially important to pick someone who you have a connection and feel comfortable with. Please feel free to use the contact button above to get in touch and I’d be happy to have a chat over the phone or face-to-face.