What if someone taught all pregnant women one simple magic trick that could: 

  • Reduce their risk of caeserean section by up to 39%

  • Reduce their chances of induction by up to 31%

  • Reduce the chance of being dissatisfied by the birth experience by up to 34%

All alongside a potentially shorter labour and increased chance of breastfeeding success? It might sound too good to be true, but actually these are figures pulled from a 2017 clinical review of studies involving continual care and support from doulas. 

Now that’s magic.


Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.

— Gloria Steinem, Journalist & Social Political Activist


What's does a doula do?

The main roles of a doula are:

To inform

Throughout pregnancy and labour you have an overwhelming amount of choices thrown your way, some you may not even realise. Our role is to assist you in understanding your options and rights by answering any questions you may have and provide tailored information as and when you need it. No bias, just facts to enable an informed birth lead by you.

To support

Whether that’s emotionally during this transformational period, practically by connecting you to specialised services in the local area, or physically by heating up heatpads and moping your brow during labour.

To bridge any gaps

We are very fortunate with the healthcare provided in the UK, however occassionally gaps can form between certain care teams or services. We are here to make that journey a little smoother.

To be impartial

First baby, seventh baby, homebirth, caeserean, gas and air, epidural. A doula is for everybody and there really is no right or wrong birth. This is your pregnancy story to write, we are just here to make sure you have the best tools.


2019 Pricing

What’s included

A standard package includes:

  • Two antenatal visits both 1-2 hours each

  • A free copy of our 50 page antenatal education pack containing information, exercises, postcards, birth & parenting affirmations and resources.

  • Myself on-call for the two weeks either side of your expected due date and with you from early labour through to when needed after birth.

  • Complimentary access to my birth toolkit during labour including essential oils, birth ball, massage tools, heat packs and much more

  • One postnatal visit

Price: £600

Minimum £150 deposit required at time of booking

Optional extras

There are also optional extras including:

  • Extra antenatal sessions

  • Pregnancy, birth and newborn photography.

Price: antenatal- £15ph

*Photography - please contact me for a personalised quote

Payment plans & skills swaps

We offer accessible payment plans as well as being open to skills swaps if you have a trad or service you could return like-for-like in place of part or all of your doula fee. Please use the Contact tab above and we;d be happy to discuss this with you.

Areas Covered

For doula work we cover much of East London and West Essex, although further afield will be considered if requested. Please use the contact tab in the menu to get in touch with any questions or booking enquiries.