Why Birth Photography Could Help You Create an Incredible Birth Experience

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This is a guest post from Birth & Motherhood Photographer, Sadie Wild Photography , find out more about her at the end of the piece

Why would I want to have my birth photographed?

When you tell people you are a Birth Photographer they look at you a little baffled, perplexed…. this quickly transitions to intrigue and curiosity, followed by a few rapid-fire questions. You take pictures of what? Why would someone want their Birth photographed? People pay you to do that? You take pictures of VAGINAS? 

People tend to fall into two camps the pleasantly open-minded or the highly skeptical. Whichever camp you’re in, hopefully I can shine some light on what Birth Photography is all about.

Why Birth Photography?

Knowledge is power..

Most Birth photographers are on a mission to normalise birth, spread awareness and empower families to make informed decisions.

As we forget how we got here, that we were once that miracle. Birth photography reminds birthing people of their power.

To show this work that happens billions of times day everywhere in the world we are at once reminded of how amazing it is.

Birth is a human experience, it is a rite of passage….

Giving Birth and meeting your child for the first time is one of the most life-changing, significant, human experiences. Birth Photography allows you to document one of the most extraordinary moments of your life. Much like your wedding day, your birth is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. There are no second takes, no redo's. That first look, that first touch, that first hold. Those memories don’t have to fade.

Its about CONNECTION not about CROWNING….

Birth photography is in no way all about the crowning shot, some clients don’t even want those images at all. A good birth photographer is able to get creative with angles, crops & post editing to protect your modesty. Birth photography is all about emotion. It’s about capturing your strength, your focus, your peace, your power, how your partner gazes at you with adoration & admiration, the look on your faces when you meet your baby & all those fresh newborn moments.


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It has the power to heal….

It can be utilised as an amazing visual therapeutic healing and empowering tool during postpartum. Especially for those who experience or previously experienced birth trauma it can help you to piece together those blurry fragments & tiny details you didn’t register in the moment. Birth photography provides evidence of your incredible strength. Looking back through your beautiful birth photos will get your oxytocin flowing and aid in supporting you in your transition to motherhood and bonding with your baby.

When we birth, we don’t just birth our babies. We birth ourselves, we birth our families and we reshape our lives.”
— - Dr Sarah Wickham

It allows your partner and birth team to fully focus on you…

When you have hired a professional birth photographer there is no pressure on anyone to remember to take photos & no worry that the moment will be missed. Your partner and your birth team are free to fully focus on being present, focused and supportive.

You gain another member on your birth team…

Your Birth Photographer is another person on your side, another person to advocate for you, another person to root for you, another person to gently encourage you. Your Birth photographer will care about you and will care about the outcome of your birth.


How does Birth Photography work?

Each individual Birth Photographer will have their own workflow but in general it looks something along the lines of this…

We begin with a no obligation informal meeting in person before confirming a booking. This gives families the opportunity to explore the idea, ask any questions they may have & make clear any requirements they may have. It also gives us both an opportunity to get a feel for each other & see if we are the right fit.

If you are happy and ready to make a booking, then contracts are signed, and a deposit is taken. Many Birth Photographers offer an optional payment plan that must be settled by the time you are 36/37 weeks gestation.

From 37 weeks to birth your Birth photographer will then be on call for you 24hrs, 7 days a week, ready to join you at your place of birth when you go into labour. As a birth professional they will understand the importance of being able to read energy and blend seamlessly into the birth space.

They will provide you with full documentary photography coverage of your birth from active labour (usually 3-5cm dilation) until 2hrs after birth.

A few weeks later they will present you with beautiful photos of your personal birth story for you to treasure.



Still sKeptical…?

The beauty of Birth Photography is that you get to relive one of the most amazing moments of your life & even share your child’s birth story with them when they are older. From the little details, to the big moments you can remember it all with Birth Photography.

In the hospital or at home, a planned C-section or unmedicated water birth — however it happens, birth is remarkable, and it deserves to be celebrated!



Sadie Wild Photography is a London based Birth & Motherhood Photographer. She is drawn to this work because of her inherent belief & trust in birth & our ability as women to birth our babies. She is on a mission to spread awareness, to share knowledge, to help normalise birth and celebrate postpartum and motherhood.

She feels strongly about the importance of representation in all areas, for all types of people, for all kinds of experiences and endeavors for her work to contribute to a more diverse narrative surrounding birth, families and motherhood.

You can learn more about her work at www.sadiewildphotography.com or follow her on Instagram @sadiewildphotography