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Why Do Birth Workers Need Contracts?

Though it may be true that working with folks in the childbearing year is a calling, it is also a profession and in most cases involves running a small, independent business. Most doulas, birth photographers, lactation consultants, and the like are working as independent contractors or sole proprietors who set their own practice standards and limits and are using this work as a primary source of income rather than as a hobby. In every case, it is essential that there is a solid contract - written NOT verbal - between the birth worker and the clients.

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Why Birth Photography Could Help You Create an Incredible Birth Experience

When you tell people, you are a Birth Photographer they look at you a little baffled, perplexed…. this quickly transitions to intrigue and curiosity, followed by a few rapid-fire questions. You take pictures of what? Why would someone want their Birth photographed? People pay you to do that? You take pictures of VAGINAS? 

People tend to fall into two camps the pleasantly open minded or the highly skeptical. Whichever camp you’re in hopefully I can shine some light on what Birth Photography is all about.

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